Pulsed-Laser Deposition (PLD for Layered  metal oxide compounds)

RAS for Lab. developments (supported by Plus-Watch & Shincron)
RAS for Lab. α (Video)                     RAS for Lab. β"Programmable RAS"

            Programmable RAS (P-RAS) Powered by SHINCRON Co. Ltd.

Programmable RAS β, Demonstration of pulsed DC plasma switching

Si/SiO2 DBR with Er-Y silicate active layer prepared by P-RAS
(RAS® has been registered by Shincron)

Microwave Plasma(MP) CVD systems (for Diamond growth)       

UV&EB Lithography systems (SVBL Clean room)

ICP-RIE (NE-500:ULVAC) (SVBL Clean room)

Ion Implantation (200kV: Nisshin HighVol.) (SVBL Clean room)

MP-Chemical Vapor Synthesis (for Fluoresent Nano-crystal diamond (NCD))    (Under development supported by Strawb)

PL measurement systems (Conventional, Gated-Photon-Counting, Micro- & HBT)

Waveguide measurement setup

(Visualization of Guided IR-light by up-conversion)

TEOS-RF-PCVD (Handmade for SiOx thin film)

and.. Our Brains & Skill